Finance Monthly - Women In Finance Awards 2022

Maria Lozovik Partner and Portfolio Manager at Marsham Investment Management 25 About Maria Lozovik Maria Lozovik is a Partner and Portfolio Manager at Marsham Investment Management, a London-based investment manager. Maria has over 17 years’ experience in the financial industry, including over 10 years at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where she worked in ECM, investment banking and corporate finance. Maria has a successful portfolio track record and manages the Transitional Issuers strategy at Marsham IM. Maria views climate change as an investment opportunity and focuses on companies that are driving transition in their respective sectors. The strategy consistently outperforms the market with the USD fund ranked 1st in USD Broad Bonds - Absolute Return by Camradata in 2022. About Marsham IM Founded in 2016, Marsham Investment Management is a London-based investment manager providing fund management services across asset classes as well as tailored externally managed accounts solutions. It now manages four liquid funds and is ranked number one for its USD broad bond fund by Camradata. At the core of our investment philosophy is an unconstrained active investment management based on proprietary fundamental analysis and supported by innovative AI technology. Benefitting from a highly experienced team, Marsham IM offers a unique blend of professional investment management coupled with an individual approach to investors’ requirements. Marsham IM is a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment. Why is Marsham IM different? Marsham IM not only offers highly professional investment management services, but understands the importance of taking a tailored investment approach to suit investors’ individual requirements. This is thanks to our team of senior professionals who all have vast industry experience and take on board clients’ preferences in relation to product, exposure, and strategy. At the core of our analysis is in-depth fundamental research on each issuer. Our work is supported by the use of innovative AI technology, which sets us apart in the industry and automates the tasks that juniors would usually carry out. This artificial intelligence platform,, saves us time, resources, and supports our ESG strategy by providing real-time ESG ratings on every public and private company globally. Thanks to our in-depth analysis and expertise, Marsham IM’s funds have still performed very well despite the recent market volatility. What is the Transitional Issuers strategy? There is a growing pressure from investors to divest from traditionally ‘dirty’ sectors and invest in companies that are labelled as green or sustainable. Our Transitional Issuers strategy is based on the idea that, in practice, divestment is not the best strategy to have meaningful impact. We invest in transitional companies that are not currently recognised as ESG leaders but have an established sustainability strategy in place and need investment to achieve their goals. Marsham IM sees real opportunities for excess returns as these companies improve their ESG credentials and adapt their operations to become more sustainable. We identify these opportunities with the use of AI technology, which maximises our chances of finding issuers that will have a positive sustainable impact and generate higher returns. The sectors we invest are often “old economy” industries ranging from building materials to industrials, utilities, autoparts or packaging. At the core of Marsham IM’s vision is the belief that investing in the climate change super cycle is financially rewarding for clients, as is evidenced by our fund’s strong performance. U N I T E D K I N G D OM Investment Management Leader of the Year

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