Finance Monthly - Women In Finance Awards 2022

Allegra van Hövell-Patrizi CEO at Aegon Netherl nds 37 Allegra van Hövell-Patrizi Allegra van Hövell-Patrizi began her career in 1996 at McKinsey & Company, specializing in financial institutions. After several years as a partner there, she joined F&C Asset Management in 2007 as a member of the Management Committee. In 2009, she joined Prudential plc where she was part of the CEO Office and then later became Group Risk Director, and a member of the Group Executive Risk Committee, as well as the PUSL Board (within the Prudential plc Group). Mrs. van Hövell-Patrizi joined Aegon at the end of 2015. She was appointed Chief Risk Officer of Aegon N.V. and a member of Aegon’s Management Board in January 2016. Mrs. van Hövell-Patrizi was appointed CEO of Aegon the Netherlands on June 15, 2021. Mrs. van Hövell-Patrizi is a former member of the Supervisory Board of LeasePlan. About Aegon Netherlands Aegon has operated for 175 years in the Netherlands, where it is a provider of life insurance, pensions, banking and other financial services. Aegon is headquartered in The Hague, the Netherlands, and listed on Euronext Amsterdam and the New York Stock Exchange. We want to be there to support you whether you are starting a family or a new job, or are ready to retire. To that end, we offer various types of insurance, savings, banking and retirement products. Aegon is an integrated, diversified, international financial services group. The company offers investment, protection, and retirement solutions, with a strategic focus on three core markets (the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands*), three growth markets (Spain & Portugal, Brazil, and China), and one global asset manager. Aegon allocates capital toward profitable opportunities in its core and growth markets, and through Aegon Asset Management. As an international financial services group, we share capital, talent, knowledge, processes, and technologies across our different businesses. We derive our revenues and earnings from insurance premiums, investment returns, fees, and commissions. We offer both direct and intermediary-assisted access to our products and services. For more complex and advanced services and products requiring tailored advice, we rely on a broad network of business partners that includes brokers, agents, banks, employee benefits consultants, and independent financial advisors. For simpler types of solutions, we are growing our direct distribution capabilities to engage with customers directly. We are highly attuned to the needs of a world where lifespans are increasing and careers and retirement are lengthening and becoming more flexible. Although healthcare is becoming more effective, it is also becoming expensive as public and corporate sources of lifelong pension and care are transferring risk to individuals in the face of financial pressure. During Capital Markets Day in December 2020, we announced Aegon’s new strategy and financial targets. With this new strategy we are taking important steps to transform our organization, change our performance trajectory and increase value for our customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders. N E T H E R L A N D S Financial Services Leader of the Year

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