Finance Monthly - Women in Finance Awards 2023

Finance Monthly Women in Finance Awards 2023 Canada 43 Christine Van Cauwenberghe Before joining IG Wealth Management more than 20 years ago, Christine Van Cauwenberghe practiced tax law at a large firm in Winnipeg. While there, she encountered many families that could have avoided both personally and financially costly outcomes had they “received the right advice at the right time.” Knowing there had to be a better way to deliver proactive and comprehensive advice, she saw she could make a meaningful difference at IG. Today, Christine leads a diverse team of tax, estate, and financial planning experts, who support IG Advisors and help high-net-worth clients put the futures they envision into motion. The drive to find a better way has always inspired Christine to push beyond the limits. When she saw a void in how financial advisors were instructed to address the unique needs of their clients, she authored Wealth Planning Strategies for Canadians, an annual publication by Thomson Carswell that takes a clientfirst approach to how complex problems are solved. Christine’s multidisciplinary experience has given her a deep understanding of what financial advisors and her team need to succeed. About IG Wealth Management With IG’s Private Wealth Planning Experience even the most complex situations become more clear, so you can aim to maximize the impact of your wealth today, and for years to come. Your IG Advisor and collaborative team of tax, estate, insurance and advanced financial planning experts will develop a comprehensive plan tailored to you. As your goals and needs evolve, your team has the insight and experience to help you move forward with efficiency and confidence. Head of Financial Planning IG Wealth Management Wealth Management Adviser of the Year Cauwenberghe Christine Van

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