Finance Monthly - Women in Finance Awards 2023

Finance Monthly Women in Finance Awards 2023 United Kingdom 16 We create teams for each client family to ensure that the service they receive is tailored and of the highest standard. I firmly believe that the success of our team approach is rooted in the nurturing, support and time I, and my senior colleagues, invest in the team’s professional growth. Our expertise lies in helping clients plan for various scenarios. By drawing on our experience and prioritising consistent and effective communication, we are able to help clients understand not only the issues they face today but also those they will have to consider in the future. In your experience, what are the key factors in developing effective wealth-planning strategies for highnet-worth individuals and families? To assist clients develop an effective wealth planning strategy (that can include a wide range of goals such as retirement planning, inter-generational wealth transfer, investment management, and tax structuring), we believe it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of their overall financial goals and the purpose behind their wealth. Our team specialises in working with a diverse range of clients, catering to those who are just beginning to build their wealth through ultra-high net worth individuals, including private equity professionals and owner-managers. We recognise that wealth holds different meanings for different individuals. Our unique approach revolves around adopting a broad, holistic perspective. For example, we can assist in terms of passing wealth to the next generation by putting in place structures or supporting philanthropic endeavours. We are dedicated to empowering the next-gen by providing them with valuable financial education. There is often a significant event in their lives that serves as a catalyst for seeking our assistance, such as an entrepreneur selling their business, a professional transitioning into retirement, or parents passing on their wealth. These triggers bring excitement and opportunity for us to make a meaningful impact on our clients’ financial journeys. How do you see the role of women evolving in the finance industry, and what changes would you like to see to promote gender equality in this sector? In broader financial services, gender equality has been a constant issue to get right with many schemes and social movements to address it. It is, therefore, somewhat rare to have created a Wealth Planning team where advisers and senior managers are equally split between genders, and overall, there are more women within the team. The finance industry still has challenges in attracting more women to consider it as a career. At the true advisory end of our industry, I have found that that both male and female clients often open up more quickly and feel more comfortable working with women. I also believe that having access to a female adviser can mean that some feel less threatened or vulnerable and this removes a barrier to them seeking advice. I am proud of the work that I have done during my career as a trusted adviser to a wide client base and proud of the team that has been brought together. “We are dedicated to empowering the next-gen by providing them with valuable financial education.”

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