Finance Monthly - Women in Finance Awards 2023

Finance Monthly Women in Finance Awards 2023 Switzerland 22 About LFA LFA is part of the group headed by LFG Holding, which holds one of Switzerland’s largest portfolios of independent asset managers, with over 50 professionals, 700 clients, and over USD 2.5 bn. of assets under management. We deliver our services exclusively to clients with U.S. income tax obligations, providing expertise in international asset and foreign currency management and access to a network of Swiss tailor-made products and service providers. We aim to be a seal of Swiss excellence by providing you with exclusive, high-quality customer service. We focus on creating long-term, personalized investment strategies aimed at diversifying, protecting, and growing your wealth, regardless of the size of your portfolio. As a leading provider of global investing, we have decades of combined experience in building and managing portfolios designed to provide investors with consistent and stable returns that are built on the proper management of a diverse portfolio. Our philosophy of placing our clients’ interests first and conducting extensive research through all aspects of the investment process has served them well over many years. First and foremost, we are a service organization that is focused on providing the highest quality financial advice and services to our clients. We provide the specialized knowledge, discipline, and services our clients need to achieve their financial goals. Chief Compliance Officer LFA Global Investment Leader of the Year Casillo Monica About Monica Casillo Monica has accumulated over 20 years of banking experience and, in 2015, she decided to join LFA. After completing the CAS in Compliance Management studies in Vezia and Geneva, Monica became the company’s, Chief Compliance Officer. She is based in Lugano and is responsible, in particular, for anti-money laundering, Know Your Client, cross-border activities, regulatory follow-ups, internal control systems. Her task is to support relationship managers in their day-to-day work to perform their functions as well as possible within the framework of regulatory requirements. OUR MISSION We give a home to our client’s aspirations, accompanying them and their families in their generational journey. Dedicated personal relationships are cultivated, rooted in trust, confidentiality, and loyalty. We give service with quality, innovation, and privacy at heart. OUR VISION We want to be the leading independent advisor in Switzerland. We advise you and your family throughout generations and share a common future defined by success.

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