Finance Monthly - Women In Finance Awards 2022

23 Why do you think inclusivity is important for private markets investors? Being at the forefront of ESG and diversity and inclusion isn’t just the right thing to do, although of course it is, but we believe it is absolutely critical to building long-term value and fulfilling both our ambitions and those of our clients. Private equity is an incredibly competitive industry. Professionals in this sector are laser-focused on securing the best investments to deliver risk-adjusted returns and helping clients achieve their own financial objectives. Our view is that in order to generate strong performance, it is hugely beneficial to have a diverse team who will provide different views and not fall into the trap of “groupthink”. How does Pantheon approach and promote diversity? Diversity and inclusion has been part of Pantheon’s DNA for the past 40 years, going back to our earliest beginnings with a female co-founder, and it remains critical today, as you can see from the latest figures that we publish on diversity and inclusion on our website. But it’s important to reiterate that diversity and inclusion isn’t an end in itself, it is about ensuring we hire the very best people who can bring a range of talents and perspectives to deliver performance for our clients. I’mvery proud to have contributed to the growth of this business as it has evolved from a private equity fund investor to a holistic private markets firm with strategies covering all private market asset classes and across the full life cycle of investments. What does the future have in store for private equity? In the short term the industry will be navigating the turbulence in the wider global economy, but as well as bringing challenges for investors and the companies they back, these points in the economic cycle can bring about great opportunities. Our role is to be judicious and considered in capitalising on these opportunities as they arise. More generally, there has been a general shift and increase in capital flows to private markets over recent years alongside a well-documented shrinkage in public market opportunities, which we expect to continue. I think there is increasing recognition of the value of the differentiated opportunities and governance advantages private markets can offer and we want to continue to be part of offering broader access to these asset classes for a wider range of investors. U N I T E D K I N G D OM Investment Expert of the Year It is hugely beneficial to have a diverse team who will provide different views and not fall into the trap of “groupthink”.

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